Design of a sun shading system by sanded rotating glass tubes

The assignment of Buckylab, a MSc Building Technology course, was to create an innovative sun shading. The first concept consisted out of rotating glass tubes. By rotating them you can control the incoming sunlight. The tubes are sanded on one side and left polished on the other sides. When you are looking straight through the tube you have a clear view. When you turn the tubes a quarter by pulling the lever, the glass tube facade moves from a transparent view into a translucent view. The tubes are placed gradually in a cavity of two glass plates. The tubes, divided in two groups, rotate clockwise and counter clockwise. With 1 mm interspace they will not hit each other. The tubes have a socket with a rotation pin on both ends of the tubes. These rotation pins are pinned to gears which are attachedto the mechanism. The gears move along gear strips which are connected with one big main gear. This gear can be controlled by a pull bar, which makes it a hands-on-mechanism.


pijlconcept and working principal for the Hazy Facade


Minor House of the Future model

pijl Impression of outside

Small parts from lasercutting

pijl Interior impression

Minor House of the Future model

pijl Operate the sun shading system


Making of Mockup

Minor House of the Future model

pijl Sandblasted tubes

Small parts from lasercutting

pijl Finishing the cover

Minor House of the Future model

pijl Fine tuning the mechanism


Bla Bla Bla


The Buckylab prototype is a group project. My design parter was Kas de Valk

pijl Previous work


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