The computer related programs that I use during my the design proces and for making a nice precentage are the following programs. The diagram shows my skill level for each specific program.

pijl Skill level of the programs that I use.


The HVA is the tenants association Artiestenbuurt in Rijswijk. It is founded by some residents in respons of the plans for a renovation in their complex by the housing association. We thought the renovation of these 264 social houses can be adressed better. Therefore the HVA was founded. Along with several other residents I talk on behalf of all residents with the project manager of this renovation. We improved the plans to a more pleasant inner climate, less energy consumption and improve the floorplan of the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The idea of the housing association was to improve the energy label from the existing G tot D. At this moment are the plans inproved to label A.

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We also watch over the social aspect of the renovation. With a good preparation we try to run down the nuisance for te residents during the renovation. We try to optimize the fixed charges for the residents, so helping to keep te costs in the social segment. Currently we have succeeded individual tabel meetings between the residents and the staff housing association. By this the residents can make themselves heard and possible problems can already be tackled.


An Energy Party is a party around your energy bill. As a facalitator of this Parties I provide the participants with infomation on how to save energy. I do this on behalf of 070energiek. This is an energy cooperative which purchase 100% sustainable energy and it shares with its memebers. As amemeber of 070energiek you are able to decide in which sustainable local projects will be invested.
During the Energy Party I help to provide you with more information about measuresments which may be interesting for you. Participants will learn more about the costs and benefits of the various sustainable measures. For example, what is the best way to isolate my house and what profit gives solar panels or a heat pump me. Finally, we bring participants who are interested in measurements in contact with reliable contractors.

Minor House of the Future model

pijl Sustainable measurements

Small parts from lasercutting

pijl Sharing sustainable knowledge

Minor House of the Future model

pijl Insight in energy consumption

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